enterprise network solutions (ens)

MERIT has broad network and extensive technical experience. In partnership with CommScope, we design, install and maintain advanced Enterprise network systems in:

1. Enterprise Buildings
  • Seamless in-building wireless coverage
  • Wi-Fi networks (Ruckus)
  • Communication systems for audio, video, video surveillance, Internet protocol (IP) video & VOIP
  • Electronic security, surveillance and access control
  • Best-in-class structured cabling solutions
  • Universal connectivity grids
  • Fiber optic backbone
  • Power over Ethernet solutions
  • Automated infrastructure management
  • Valuable Power over Ethernet solutions
2. Large Venues
  • Transportation connectivity
  • Railway/Bus stations
  • Tunnels
  • Onboard Repeaters (Trains/Cars/Ships)
  • Sports & Entertainment venues
3. Campus Networks

Repeater Systems Solution

MERIT provides a full line of CommScope & Technline Global (WilsonPro) pico  and micro type off-air RF enhancers and macro  type off-air digital nodes, called repeaters.

Technline Global (WilsonPro) & CommScope repeaters are also ideal for any phase in deployments where cost, coverage, and quality must be enhanced and optimized.  Repeaters provide RF signals for wide area  coverage through antennas.

All WilsonPro (Techline Global) & CommScope RF signal boosters are self-diagnosing,  self-adaptive and maintenance free.

  • In-Car Signal Booster
  • Indoor repeater/signal booster solutions (Malls, Offices)
  • Outdoor repeater solution (motorways, villages, special events)
  • Full Survey, Design, Installation ,Integration & maintenance

Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (iDAS)

MERIT offers end2end in-building wireless solution, which includes acquisition, design, material procurement, installation and maintenance .

In Building Solution

iDAS Solution

MERIT understands the growing requirement by operators  for in-building solutions and our experience and expertise  enables us to provide the right coverage & capacity solution for any indoor environment

We deliver dedicated coverage and capacity solutions  covering GSM/UMTS, Wi-Fi, and LTE.

We have designed and implemented several in-building  coverage solutions from small single operator shop  installations to large multiple technology/operators antenna  sites in Europe and Africa.

We can boast of “West Africa first” indoor total  coverage systems in:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Multi-building campuses
  • Sports arenas
  • Airports
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping Malls

Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (ODAS)

1. oDAS Coverage Solution
  • For special areas capacity solution
  • For coverage and capacity in areas where it is not possible to build towers

Wi-Fi Networks

Deploying wi-fi networks in the enterprise environment can be very challenging. Issues ranging from interference, security, mobility and density, reduce reliability & availability of wi-fi networks while increasing cost. MERIT offers the industry leading Ruckus access points from CommScope to meet all your enterprise needs. Ruckus access points serve as the Wi-Fi Alliance Testbed Standard for new device certification. Ruckus APs are Wi-Fi certified for 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax.

1. Choose Access Point for Your Use Case
  • Indoor APs – R-series
  • Outdoor APs – T-series, P-series
  • Specialty APs – H-series, C-series, M-series, E-series
2. Choose Access Point for Your Use Case
  • 100s/300s – Affordable for indoor/outdoor
  • 500s/600s – High performance for dense environments.
  • 700s – Best performance in the industry, ultra-high performance APs.
3. Why use Ruckus Wi-Fi?
  • Beam Flex+ – Most efficient and responsive APs with per-packet adaptive transmit power.
  • Channel Fly – Active capacity-based channel selection.
  • Smart Mesh – Wireless connection of APs with automatic fail over.
  • Airtime Fairness – Prevent airtime overuse by inefficient devices while boosting performance.
  • Smart Roam with 802.11 k/r/v – Enhance roaming with both standard-based and ruckus-specific protocols.
  • Capacity-based admission – Preserve application quality for connected clients with airtime/capacity thresholds.
4. Who is Ruckus Wi-Fi for?
  • Enterprise
  • SME
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitality industry
  • Managed services providers
  • MNOs

Enterprise LAN & Campus Networks

MERIT offers Ruckus ICX Switches for connecting wired devices, and wirelessly connected users and devices throughout the enterprise networks from the edge to the core, as well as within the data center.

The Ruckus ICX switches are reliable and offer robust performance over a copper or fiber networks.

These range from:

  • Entry-level Access – ICX7150
  • Access – ICX7250
  • Access-Aggregation – ICX7450
  • Premium Access-Aggregation – ICX7650
  • Aggregation-Core – ICX7750
  • Aggregation-Core Data Center – ICX7850
1. Why use Ruckus ICX Switches?
  • Optimized performance & power
    • Multigigabit technologies (1/2.5/5/10/40/100 GbE) options.
    • Upstream performance required for aggregation/core.
    • PoE power to 90W per port (802.3bt).
  • Simpler Networking
    • Reduced management touch-points.
    • Single OS across all switches.
    • Automated deployment (Zero-Touch)
  • High availability
    • Redundant controllers.
    • Hitless software upgrades.
    • Hot swappable modules.
  • Future-proof Solutions
    • Scale-out network architectures (12 per stack, 40 per fabric).
    • Flexible deployments.
    • Upgradeable uplinks.
  • Unified network management, security & policy for wired and wireless
    • SmartZone.
    • Unleashed
    • Cloud
  • Reduced up-front investment & low TCO
    • Pay-as-you-grow.
    • Distributed configuration (Up to 10km).
    • Up to 75% lower TCO compared to competitors.
2. Who is Ruckus ICX Switches for?
  • Enterprise
  • SME
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitality industry
  • Managed services providers
  • MNOs

IoT Networks

MERIT offers the Ruckus IoT Suite, a collection of network hardware and software infrastructure components that enable organizations to build a secure IoT access network through the reuse of LAN and WLAN infrastructure. The Ruckus IoT Suite consolidates multiple physical-layer IoT networks into a single network enabling organizations to more quickly realize benefits from IoT investments.

Ruckus IoT Suite
  • Ruckus IoT-ready Access points
  • Ruckus IoT Modules
  • Ruckus SmartZone Controller
  • Ruckus IoT Controller

The Ruckus IoT Suite supports integration of the worlds largest IoT solution providers including:

The Ruckus IoT Suite supports multiple gateway integration and management options.