Turnkey Services

RF Engineering

Radio Network Design & Planning
  • RF network design using state of-the-art design tools such as Radioplanner, ATOLL
  • RF planning and Optimization
  • Macro & Micro radio network design and planning
  • Link Budget Calculations
  • Site survey, Selection & Nomination
  • Propagation model calibration
RF Physical Optimization & Site Audits
  • Antennas & Cables connections alignment and checks for weathering and tightness
  • Readjustment of antenna tilt
  • Verification of RF implementation vis-a-viz RF design
  • Modifying RF Data sheets with correct coordinates and antenna centerline
RF Drive test, Competitive Benchmarking, QoS Evaluation & Network Optimization

MERIT has expertise on various optimization test scenarios in all technologies 2G to 5G networks

  • Continuous Wave (CW) drive testing
  • Cluster Optimization & Site Verification drive test
  • KPI/Final Acceptance drive test
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Data Post-Processing and Analysis
  • Frequency retune & Network Parameter optimization
  • Frequency /Spectrum Scanning

BSS Engineering

Civil Works Installation
  • Structural designs and analysis
  • Supply and install tower foundation including excavation, rebar, framework, backfilling and composition as per design
  • Tower erection including painting and antenna mounting poles
  • Erection of canopy and plinths
  • Fabrication & installation of antennae poles
  • Installation of cable tray
  • Civil Construction (underground, foundation, site work, fence, et
Passive Installation & Maintenance
  • Generator installation and maintenance
  • Rectifier installation and maintenance
  • Battery backup installation
  • Shelter reticulation
  • Air condition installation & maintenance
  • Earth tests
  • Tower refurbishment (corrosion control)
  • Tower and Civil Inspection
BSS Equipment
  • Installation of relevant BSS equipment as per installation documents
  • Installation of rectifiers, battery banks and power supply units
  • Feeders Jumpers connection as per standard
  • Clamping and earthling fixing
  • Equipment shelter installation
  • Grounding System installation
  • Software configuration

Transmission Engineering

Transmission/Access Network Planning & Implementation
  • Site survey, design and selection
  • Microwave interference analysis and frequency planning
  • Determining Antenna positions and Orientation
  • Determine Line of Site (LOS) using advance Software tools Path Loss Calculations, Path Profile etc.
  • Deploying ATM network, upgraded radios, nodes etc.
  • Microwave link design and link budget analysis.
  • Capacity planning and upgrades
  • Microwave radio Installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Bit Error Rate Testing
VSAT Transmission
  • Site survey
  • Service Provider liaising
  • Civil Work
  • Installation and commissioning
Transmission Network Optimization and Sites Audit
  • Antenna Alignment to desired Azimuth,
  • Center Line, Tilt angles etc.
  • Transmission Parameter check
  • Transmission accessories check and measurements

Fibre Optics Engineering

We have vast experience in construction, installation and testing of fiber optics cables with professionalism and commitment to quality.

We offer a range of Commscope products including:

  • Central Office and Headend Solutions
  • Fiber Connectivity for Outside Plant
  • MDU Fiber
  • Coaxial & RF (Last mile access)
  • Outside Plant Copper

Our FO Services includes:

  • Audit and Asset Verification
  • Cable splicing and Testing
  • Aerial and Underground Construction
  • Material Procurement
  • Fibre optic network maintenance services (fault check & diagnosis)
  • Repair and testing of Fibre Optic cables on railways, highways and in buildings.
  • Planning & Coordination Services
  • Design Builds and Cable blowing
  • Inventory procurement and tracking
  • Budget Analysis & Quality Control

Our engineers are well trained and have experience in the following installation methodologies:

  • Aerial Lashing
  • Directional Drilling / Boring & Direct Buried
  • Handholes and Vaults
  • Fiber Blowing
  • Fiber Pulling
  • Duct and Inner duct

Enterprise Systems

MERIT has broad network and extensive technical experience In partnership with Commscope, we design, install and maintain advanced Enterprise network systems in:

Enterprise Buildings

  • Seamless in-building wireless coverage
    • Wi-Fi networks
    • Communication systems for audio, video, video surveillance, Internet protocol (IP) video & VOIP
    • Electronic security, surveillance and access control
  • Best-in-class structured cabling solutions
    • Universal connectivity grids
    • Fiber optic backbone
    • Power over Ethernet solutions
  • Automated infrastructure management
  • Valuable Power over Ethernet solutions

Large Venues

  • Transportation connectivity
    • Railway/Bus stations
    • Tunnels
    • Onboard Repeaters (Trains/Cars/Ships)
  • Sports & Entertainment venues

Campus Networks

Special Coverage

MERIT offers end2end iDAS & oDAS products and services, which includes acquisition, design, material procurement, installation and maintenance in partnership with Commscope

  • MERIT understands the growing requirement by operators for in-building solutions and our experience and expertise enables us to provide the right coverage & capacity solution for any indoor environment
  • We have designed and implemented several in-building coverage solutions from small single operator shop installations to large multiple technology/operators antenna sites in Europe and Africa

We can boast of “West Africa first” indoor total  coverage systems in:

  • High-rise office buildings
  • Multi-building campuses
  • Airports
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Shopping Malls
  • For special areas capacity solution
  • For coverage and capacity in areas where it is not possible to build towers
Repeater Systems

MERIT provides a full line of WILSON signal boosters/repeaters. WILSON AMPLIFIERS repeaters are ideal for deployments where cost, coverage, and quality must be enhanced and optimized.

All WILSON AMPLIFIERS RF signal boosters are self-diagnosing,  self-adaptive and maintenance free

  • In-Car Signal Booster
  • Indoor repeater/signal booster solutions (Malls, Offices)
  • Outdoor repeater solution (motorways, villages, special events)
  • Full Survey, Design, Installation , Integration & maintenance

Network Operations

Network Operations & Maintenance

MERIT’s  field engineers undertake operations and maintenance of all  network processes and elements across diverse  areas.

Our expertise on multi technology products,  system & process based maintenance and  excellent operations provides MNOs & Infracos high level of confidence to partner with  MERIT for the delivery of critical task of operations &  maintenance.

Network Field Maintenance
  • Hardware software upgrades
  • Rental Management
  • Diesel Filling Management
  • Site Access management
  • Electrical Equipment & other Facilities
  • 24 x 7 site maintenance
Technical Support And Process Management
  • Technical Help Desk
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Type Approval Testing
  • Process Management
Network Monitoring & Operations
  • Fault & Trouble shooting Management
  • Root Cause Analysis Support & Reporting
  • Upgrade/Capacity Management
  • KPI & Configuration Management
  • Database & Backup management
  • Recovery support
  • Remote Alarm monitoring and resolution
  • Onsite and remote Equipment monitoring
  • Field Scheduling & Dispatch Management

Power & Renewable Energy

Supply, Installation & Maintenance
  • Smart Grid Inverter Solutions
  • DC/AC
  • Solar power
  • Battery banks (NED batteries, Narada batteries)
  • Hybrid power solutions
  • Rectifiers
  • AC/DC, DC/DC
  • Diesel generators (AC & DC)
  • Rural Electrification
  • Street Light solution