We have vast experience in construction, installation and testing of fiber optic cables with professionalism and commitment to quality.

We offer a range of CommScope products including:

  • Central Office and Headend Solutions
  • Fiber Connectivity for Outside Plant
  • MDU Fiber
  • Coaxial & RF (Last mile access)
  • Outside Plant Copper

Our services includes:

    • Audit and Asset Verification
    • Cable splicing and Testing
    • Aerial and Underground Construction
    • Material Procurement
    • Fiber optic network maintenance services (fault check & diagnosis)
    • Repair and testing of Fiber Optic cables on railways, highways and in buildings.
    • Planning & Coordination Services
    • Cable blowing by means of Pirelli Sirocco.
    • Design Builds
    • Inventory procurement and tracking
    • Tracking Labor Expenses
    • Budget Analysis
    • Quality Control

Our engineers are well trained and have experience in the following installation methodologies:

  • Aerial Lashing
  • Directional Drilling / Boring
  • Direct Buried
  • Handholes and Vaults
  • Fiber Blowing
  • Fiber Pulling
  • Duct and Inner duct