Network Connectivity Solutions (NCS)

RF Engineering (Radio Design, Planning & Optimization)

  • Radio Network Planning & Optimisation
  • 3G/LTE/5G Design, Deployment And Optimization
  • RF network design using state-of-the-art design tools
  • Propagation model calibration
  • Continuous Wave (CW) drive testing
  • Cluster Optimization & Site Verification drive test
  • KPI/Final Acceptance drive test
  • Competitive Network benchmarking
  • RF Data Post-Processing and Analysis
  • Frequency retune & Network Parameter optimization
  • Frequency /Spectrum Scanning
  • Comprehensive Site RF/Power Audit
  • RAN Network Maintenance
  • Physical Site Modification And Antenna Change Out Transmission.

Transmission Engineering (Fibre Optics, Microwave & Vsat)

Fibre Optics
  • Audit and Asset Verification
  • Cable splicing and Testing
  • Aerial and Underground fibre Construction
  • Material Procurement & tracking
  • Fibre optic network repair & maintenance services
  • Planning & Coordination Services
  • Design Builds and Cable blowing
  • Microwave Design, planning, and Implementation
  • Site survey and selection
  • Capacity planning and upgrades
  • Microwave radio Installation, commissioning, and maintenance
  • Site survey
  • Service Provider liaising
  • Civil Work
  • Installation and commissioning

Network Engineering (Civil & Equipment Installation)

Civil & Construction Works
  • Tower Structural designs and analysis
  • Tower Fabrication to design and supply
  • Tower installation including painting, and antenna mounting H-poles
  • Erection of canopy and plinths
  • Installation of cable tray
  • Civil Construction (underground, foundation, site work, fence, etc.
Passive Installation & Maintenance
  • Generator installation and maintenance
  • Rectifier installation and maintenance
  • Battery backup installation
  • Shelter reticulation
  • Air condition installation & maintenance
  • Earth tests
  • Tower refurbishment (corrosion control)
  • Tower and Civil Inspection
Radio Network Equipment Installation, Commissioning & Integration
  • Installation of NodeB/eNodeB (UMTS/LTE) equipment
  • Installation of 5G NR
  • Installation of rectifiers, battery banks, power supply system, Grounding cable, and BTS alarm cable
  • Installation of Equipment Shelter, BTS (or extension rack), plug-in units, and all internal cables
  • Installation of transmission cable, power cable
  • Installation and termination of radio feeder cables, antennas, and grounding kits
  • NodeB/eNodeB/gNodeB integration (3G/LTE/5G)
  • Site Swap outs, decommission and recommissioning
  • UMTS /LTE eNodeB commissioning
  • Software loading and configuration

DAS/Small Cells Deployment

MERIT offers  end2end  iDAS,  oDAS/Small Cell solutions, from acquisition, design, material procurement, and installation to maintenance.  Our expertise brings reliable, full-coverage connectivity to the most high-traffic, high-density, and technically challenging venues.


  • MERIT understands the growing requirement by MNOs for reliable in-building solutions and our experience and expertise enable us to provide the right coverage & capacity solution for any indoor environment
    • High-rise office buildings
    • Multi-building campuses
    • Airports
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • Shopping Malls


  • For special areas capacity solutions (Passive & Active)
  • For coverage and capacity in areas where it is not possible to build macro towers

Cutting Edge Connectivity Solutions (Private Networks & Wi-Fi Solutions)

In partnership with our OEM partners, we provide innovative solutions in high-performance enterprise and small-cell deployment. A future-proof 4G/LTE or 5G private network.

Enterprise network infrastructure design, implementation, and maintenance. At Merit, we deliver breakthrough connectivity solutions and much more.

Private 4G/LTE or 5G Networks

  • Indoor and outdoor private 4G/LTE or 5G networks delivered, end to end
  • Lower latency and enhanced security.
  • Broad or mission-critical mobile connectivity
  • Edge Infrastructure
  • Coverage and Capacity control.
  • Unmatched reliability.  

Private And Public Wi-fi Solutions

Our solutions are customized to each unique wireless environment, from private networks to public hotspots.

  • WiFi Survey
  • WiFi Design & Installation
  • WiFi Support
  • Data Cabling

Repeater Coverage Solutions

In partnership with our Repeater systems  OEM partners, we provide innovative repeater coverage solutions, with interference cancellation mechanisms

Our Repeater solutions are self-diagnosing,  self-adaptive, and maintenance free

  • We provide Survey, Design, Installation, Integration & maintenance
  • In-Car Signal booster
  • Indoor repeater solutions (Malls, Offices)
  • Outdoor repeater solutions (Major roads, Underserved/Unserved rural areas, special events)

Network Field Operations & Maintenance

Our Field engineers undertake operations and maintenance of all network processes and elements across diverse areas.

Our expertise in multi-technology products,  system & process-based maintenance, and excellent operations provides MNOs & Infracos a high level of confidence to partner with  MERIT for the delivery of critical tasks of operations &  maintenance.

Network Field Maintenance
  • Hardware & software upgrades
  • Rental Management
  • Diesel Filling Management
  • Site Access management
  • Electrical Equipment
  • 24 x 7 iDAS field maintenance
Technical Support And Process Management
  • Technical Help Desk
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Type Approval Testing
  • Process Management
Network Monitoring & Operations
  • Fault & Trouble shooting Management
  • Root Cause Analysis Support & Reporting
  • Upgrade/Capacity Management
  • KPI & Configuration Management
  • Database & Backup management
  • Recovery support
  • Remote Alarm monitoring and resolution
  • Onsite and remote Equipment monitoring
  • Field Scheduling & Dispatch Management

Power & Renewable Energy Solutions (Supply, Installation & Maintenance)

  • Smart Grid Inverter Solutions
  • Solar power solution
  • Hybrid power solutions (Rectifiers, Batteries, Generators)
  • Rural Electrification deployment
  • Street Light Solution
  • Transformers